One of the greatest privileges on the phase of the earth is to serve the Lord. Nothing else can be compared with it. Once Charles Spurgeon said “When God calls with his special call, there is no standing out.” God called me to serve him in the month of April 1999 when I was doing my theological studies in a Seminary. This call of God made all the difference in my life.


How it all began

I was raised in a Christian family but my father and mother had come out of Hindu background. For a long while my parents didn't have children. With much prayers and by God’s grace I was born as a first child to my parents. As a child growing up i was rebellious and as a pastor’s kid I lived a double life. Finally, the Gospel of Jesus Christ transformed my life. Though I do not deserve God’s grace I received it freely as a gift. Praise the Lord. I gave my life to Christ when I was also17 years old. But I had no enthusiasm to follow my father’s steps as a preacher. For I saw all the difficulties my parents have been facing in the ministry. As I was growing up, I wanted to become Indian Police Service officer. But my parents sent me to a seminary in 1997 for they said that I was for the ministry even before I was born. So out of respect for my parents I went to the seminary with unwillingness and reluctance. I did not even know much English then. But a thought gnawed at my conscience: “Am I here for the right reason? or am I here just to please my parents?” But coming to the seminary proved to be a life-transforming experience. I prayed for two and a half years to know God’s will in my life and to hear a special call for my ministry.


The call of God in my life

The call came to me in the form of a vision in April 1999, just before my graduation. In my vision I saw a hand come from above and quickly draw a world map in the sky and a small box within the world map. Then I heard a voice saying, “Jesus is going to come soon; be prepared and make people prepared.” Then the vision ended. Even to this very moment, I can vividly remember this vision. At first I did not understand what the vision meant for me and wondered what that box was. Therefore I started praying again, so that I could understand the meaning of the vision for my life.


Reach All Nations Begins

A few weeks later some one was sharing prayer request in the chapel service with the help of an overhead projector. He showed the picture and said, “This place in the world map is called 10/40 window.” This was the first time I had ever heard about the 10/40 window. Then I was struck by the memory of my vision: the picture that was projected was the same thing I saw in my vision, the 10/40 window. Suddenly I knew what the rectangle was, confirming my personal call of God. I began to realize that I had a vision from the Lord with a specific mission. Having this call of God though a vision as the foundation for the ministry in April 2001 myself along with my father Pastor M. Sundara Rao and the church my father is Pastoring, began Reach All Nations (RAN) ministry in Andhra Pradesh State with a particular desire to bring the Gospel to “our Neighbors” in the 10/40 window area. What an amazing privilege it is to be called of God! And to do HIS kingdom's work in the most unreached places of our times.


Local Church and Native Missionaries

From early days, my father invested in young men. Seeing the need for church planters and pastors all around him, he cast vision, offered training, and challenged personally many youth to take their faith seriously and to go out for the sake of the Name. Over the years, dozens of churches were planted from this small village church.God eventually began to use me along with my father to multiply the church planting ministry into what is today Reach All Nations Ministry. In RAN the same passion of sharing the Gospel with young people, training them theologically and sending them to reach the unreached still continues and remains as our primary calling. It has been such a privilege to serve the Lord together as a family. We continue to walk in the footsteps of my father Pastor. M. Sundara Rao in following Jesus Christ and carry forward the ministry that the Lord has entrusted us with along with many Native faithful leaders.