Free Medical Camp

Organizing a free medical camp is no mean task. However, if done correctly, it can be a potential tool in increasing community mobilization, winning the confidence of the community, sharing the love of Jesus.

Reach All Nations Association has started initiating Free medical camps in the needy and remote villages of Andhra Pradesh. These medical camps were made possible with with the generous contributions of the friends of RAN. We are able to freely provide all the medicine, band-aids, skin lotions, and many other health kits and distributed them for free of cost.

Preparatory activities for the Health Camp:

These villages were carefully selected based on the need. These were also the places where RAN native missionaries are already working with the local communities. After their initial assessment and report the administrative staff make decisions about the locations of the free Medical Camps.


Location of Project in the past:

Phase I




No of Beneficiaries

12 June 2012


  1. Dr. Richard Williams
  2. Dr. Mike Edwards
  3. Mr. Lim Williams


13 June 2012

Billy Graham Nagar



14 June 2013




Total Number of Beneficiaries



Phase II




No of Beneficiaries

14 Feb 2013

East Madhavaram

  1. Dr. Richard Williams
  2. Mr. Jackson WIlliams



15 Feb 2013




16 Feb 2013

Jami Dintakuru



Total Number of Beneficiaries




  1. Creating awareness in the general public about health and promoting hygiene through medical camps. To Provide free treatment for the people in the villages because of the love of Jesus Christ our Lord.
  2. Providing free medicine after the treatment is given and advise and assist for the further treatment


Brief Report:

Project Description and Activities: Free medical camp was organized by Reach All Nations Association for the residents of several villages. The medical camp started at 9 am with prayer and a welcome speech by Pastor. M. Sundara Rao followed by general introduction given by the doctors who came from the USA. The volunteers from RAN Association helped us in registration and medical cards, which were issued to the patients and crowd control. The president Pastor. M. Sundara Rao stated that one of the main social objectives of this organization is medical relief for poor and needy. He said that his organization is keen to play role of an active participant and as one of main contributors in activities which are focused towards medical welfare of people providing active medical treatment and also emphasizing on social issues like public hygiene, prevention & control of disease’s and measures for the well-being of society.

Free medicines were provided and free medical tests were also conducted wherever necessary. One of the important features of the camp was that besides active medical treatment it also emphasized the importance of proper hygiene and prevention measures and thus reinforced a popular saying “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”. The camp was privileged by the presence of the local Govt officials.

He further stressed that medical care of weaker sections of society is important for balance in Society and here the role of non-government organizations like RAN becomes important where government authorities cannot reach due to their limited resources. He ended his speech by reinforcing his organization’s active participation in similar activities in future for welfare of public. All this is done because of Jesus.

General check up was done by the the doctors from the USA. Totally 2 Doctors and one assistant came from the USA. Blood Pressure and Weight check was done by Mr. Lim Williams and the treatment was done by Dr. Richi Williams and the necessary medicines were given by Bro. Mike Ed. RAN Association provided Break fast and Lunch for the doctors and volunteers. Snacks for the patients and Doctors were also provided by RAN.

More than 820 people from five villages were benefited through this camp. In the eye camp, they identified few patients who needed further help.


Diseases Observed and Treated: Allergy, Back pain, Knee pains, Joint pains, General weakness, sugar, hypertension, gastro, hepatitis A,B and C

Volunteers: The staff of RAN and the President and the General Secretary also participates in these camps to help see the medical camp run smoothly. Our staff volunteers include M. Satyavedam Sastry, M. Vedanayakam Sastry, M. Dayamani, A. Prema Raju, Ch. Johsnon, Ch. Mulaga Rao , P. Vamsi, Raj Kumar, K. Srinu, and the local community members.


Participation of the Community: The community are actively involved in all aspects of the project


Starting/Completion Time: Please refer to point number 3. Thank you.


Number of Beneficiaries/Villages: The project aims to assist a target population of 820 people in five location and from 13 villages.


Results Achieved: The doctors invited by RAN association examined the patients and provided the medicines. The people of the area were satisfied and happy with the conduction of this free medical camp.The beneficiaries of medical camp was happy and satisfied with doctors and their services. They requested RAN that more camps should be conducted. They also thanked the efforts and donations of medicines from Dr. Richi Williams. The people of the area ensured their fullest cooperation and help with RAN for developmental and relief activities.


Status and Progress: Ongoing project but each time in different locations where there is greater need.


Constraints and Measures Taken: There was more over-flow of the people from various villages and not many doctors to treat all of them. We could have taken the help of more volunteers from the local community.


Lessons Learned: To consider more days of camp than just one day because of much pressing need and flow of many people who needs the treatment.