Native Missionary of the Week

Pastor John Peter

John was born and bought up in a “koya” tribe in Andhra Pradesh. Before knowing Christ I believed in lots of superstitions. According to our culture I learnt witchcraft from my dad. Our tribe used to do human sacrifices and worshipped our tribal gods and goddess etc. I along with some people started robbery and in a situation we killed a person. I ran away into forest and lived there for several weeks. Even my father didn’t allow me into house. In those days one Saturday evening I was hiding and sitting on a tree and heard a gospel song from a church. I jumped from the tree and started walking towards the sound. Many member got scared of me but the local church pastor look me and shared the gospel with me . The Holy Spirit convicted my heart and I am a sinner and only Jesus can forgive my sins and cleanse me. My life began to change; Pastor of the same church gave shelter to me for 6 months. I worked in some Christian organization and later on came to the RAN training program and now planting a new church in our region


Thank you for your prayers and support. Please pray as I am going to select 6 surrounding villages and preach gospel to those villages and raise up some believers and church planters from those villages.

Personal Information

Name : Pastor.John.Peter

Spouse’s Name: Jyothi

Children :Ashok (Boy), Anitha (Girl)

Region : North Andhra

Primary Langugae : Telugu and Koya

People group : Koya and tribal

Traning with Ran : Oct-Dec 2013