Good News Festivals

We have conducted three Good News Festivals in the current year. Many people came seeking prayers and concealing. The President Pastor. S.Sundara Rao spoke from God’s word with the power of the Holy Spirit which brought lot of encouragement and life to the participants. Through the teaching of the Gospel people saw the need to change and repent. This was a great blessing.

Objective: is to come along side the local Churches to encourage, equip, and support them in their ongoing church ministry by conducting Good news Festivals and spiritual renewal meetings.

Project Description and Activities: Thought it was long and difficult process to pull thought such a large meeting, with the help of prayer, preparation, the local Churches, volunteers and the RAN staff these events became blessing. We do hold these meetings in the places of RAN Churches located.

RAN provides all the necessary equipments such as electrical, sound system, and transportation and the local Church leaders help voluntarily to organize the meeting and help with physical arrangement and place for meeting.

Few days before the festival begins the leadership team from RAN and several volunteers from the local Churches come together and begin to work on the physical arrangements. We speak from God’s word and talk about the love of Jesus Christ and need for forgives of sins. We stress on the point that we need not to be afraid for the Lord is with us and He will help us to get through the trials and temptations. We stated that as Christians we need to serve the Lord not matter what may come in life.

Thought these festivals we were able to reach more than 10000 people from various villages in Andhra Pradesh