Indigenous Church Planting

RAN not only sends native missionaries to the mission field, but we continue to support them through prayers, encouragement, and financial support in whatever way we can. Through the national missionaries, churches are planted to nurture new believers and to feed them the word of God.

There are many reasons why we have to support the national missionaries. They are working in their own countries and winning their own people. This method is proven as the most effective and efficient model for mission work in the 21st century. National missionaries are effective in many ways.


Emphasis on national missionaries, however, does not come at the expense of foreign missionaries’ involvement in missions. But it should be stressed that national missionaries should be trained to minister to their particular ethnic groups. Without national missionaries, the church cannot hope to fulfill the Great Commission, as eighty percent of world evangelization is being done by national missionaries. Without supporting individuals and churches, national missionaries would be significantly hampered and crippled in their efforts, as most of them live in spiritually and economically depressed regions.


Reach All Nations’ National missionaries are very much involved in the Church Planting Ministry. Every day they are faced with opportunities to share the good news to those who never heard the Gospel.


There is greater need for planting Churches than ever before. If we read through the pages of Church history we come to understand that one of the ways Christianity rapidly expanded throughout the world is through the ministry of Church Planting.


One of the main goals of RAN is to plant churches in the unreached parts of the 10/40 window. Most of the people who go through training at the RAN Bible Training Centre are in the mission field and have planted Churches. Most of our Church planters work in the most difficult areas where there is a lot of opposition to the Gospel work. We would appreciate your prayers and support for this ministry.


Native Missionary Support


RAN Association has its own Native Leadership training Program through which people from 7 districts of Andhra Pradesh received the theological training. Upon the completion of the training they are sent back to their own communities/places/villages to do Church planting work


There are many reasons why we have to train/support the Native missionaries within the Andhra Pradesh Region. They are working in their own contexts and educating their own people. This method is proven as the most effective and efficient model for Spiritual and social development work in the 21st century. This year we also provided with helpful resources and tools such as bicycles, drum and mega phones and so on.


Prayer: We do uphold these brothers in the field in prayers. Because prayer is the most important thing in the church ministry and our native missionaries need much of it.


Financial Support: RAN does provide limited financial support for its Native missionaries who plant churches. This support is needed as most of these missionaries does full-time ministry to take care of the family and other basic needs. Our ultimate goal is to make these churches self sufficient so we do evaluate these church ministries on a regular basis and continue the support for a period of 3-5 years depending on the need.


Continue Biblical Training and Fellowship: after the 40days Bible training and after the church is being planted we meet our missionaries in each region on a monthly basis. This is one day long meeting for prayer, sharing the word and struggles, and for fellowship. Thus we continue to build capacity of our native missionaries and encourage them to go forward in the Lord’s work. We also do several conferences on various theme and books of the Bible to strengthen our brothers in the field in their walk with the Lord.